Tips to Make Sure Your Marketing Translations Stay on Track

Tips to Make Sure Your Marketing Translations Stay on Track post thumbnail image

The first step in ensuring the quality of your translations is to provide all relevant branding documents in both the source and target language. These documents should explain the overall message of the company, introduce its mission and vision, and include any implicit bias. Providing this information in its original form will increase the chance of the translated copy matching the original. Once the translators have read the branding documents, they should start working on the translations.

When planning your translations, make sure your partner has a full understanding of the purpose and goal of the text. Your translation partner should understand the style and voice of your brand, and a glossary of terms will help keep the message accurate. Also, it is a good idea to use a review team for each language, including one translator for each language. The translation partner should also check the style, as re-working it is expensive and inconvenient.

Communicating with your translator is another essential step. During the translation process, it is essential to exchange feedback with them on a regular basis. Detailed feedback on the translation will ensure that the final product is true to your brand’s style and voice. Providing detailed feedback is an essential part of the process, so make sure you provide it on a regular basis. After receiving the final text, you can then use the feedback to improve the translation and refine it for the next round.

It is important to include a staging environment on your translations to allow the translators to view the text in its proper context before the final production. This is especially important if you are developing a global page or launching a campaign in different countries at the same time. You can also test UI elements in your website through this method, which will help ensure that your content will be fully functional and in line with your translation budget.

It is important to communicate with your translation company. The communication you share will be crucial to the success of your project. Often, a translator’s work will depend on the language of the client’s country. When a foreign language is necessary, it is imperative to be able to understand the language of the source. If a client isn’t comfortable with your chosen translations, you can provide a list of instructions for your translations and explain your expectations to the translator.

It is important to communicate with your translator and the translation company. Ideally, you should hire a professional company that offers services for marketing translations. A professional language service provider will have a good grasp of the language and can ensure that your translations are authentic. They will be able to accommodate the cultural differences of your customers. Your goal is to ensure that your translations will be of the highest quality.

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